•  Serving the Community 
    ‚Äčwith Predictive Agronomy 

  • Feeding the community

  • Honoring the planet


Community based

DISTANZIYA is an uplifting producers community and environment. Members of Distanziya thrive in Organic Farming, learn to be self-reliant with the help of a results-based coach.

Eradicating extreme poverty

DISTANZIYA hopes ending hunger and malnutrition by improving income opportunities in rural areas of Congo.

Science-based Approaches

DISTANZIYA uses science based practices to create agricultural knowledge and wealth to its members.


DISTANZIYA aims at disrupting Congo economic and social status quo in rural areas by bringing predictive agronomy which will result in direct wealth creation. This can be achieved only through two conditions: acquisition of scientific based knowledge and change of agricultural practices. Distanziya helps setting  SMART goals tailored to members and clients. Using IT it evolves at finding local solutions with dialogue to the world. With MALATA AVOCADO program, its first farming initiative, Distanziya aims at

  1. Promoting agricultural practices respectful of environment 

  2. Promoting local wealth by providing employment to rural areas

  3. Creating wealth by changing agricultural practices of rural areas

  4. Help Congo farmers by exporting their products 

  5. Foster best agricultural practices in rural areas though critical thinking and community projects-based initiatives

  6. Collect data to promote better understanding of the community practices, challenges and soil DNA

  7. Make available fertilizers, seedlings and seeds to the villagers 

  8. To promote integration of farmers into a cooperative body

Congo Land of Opportunities

Inclusiveness and differentiation in finding solutions to solve local challenges. Distanziya aims at bringing to Congo regional and international experts to help farmers to be among the world best. 


The rigour of standards

Malata Avocado is bio using only fertilizers to bring the best savour of this tropical fruit planted in the heart of the Congo. Quality standards are followed from start to the end. 


Hass avocado is the first tropical fruit we want our farmers to plant.Its Benefits are incommensurable. Its economic value is indeniable.  

Local varieties of avocado thrive in the Congo. But their shelf life is very short. This results in waste. Malata Avocado will promote Hass Avocado whose shelf life exceeds three weeks. Its medical benefits also will help the community.



DISTANZIYA helps at analysing the soil to make an informed decision about the agricultural seeds for the season. Its Thinking and Transformation Shop program will prepare the farmer to the next level of whatever project/dream you have by providing a soil testing kit. 


Helping our planet to regenerate faster after giving us food is at the core of Distanziya's practices. Because we love our green planet, with its plants, animals, rocks, biology, chemistry, science...


DISTANZIYA vows at keeping Congo the lung of the planet green with its tropical forest. Talk to us to give you carbon credits. We are in the heart of saving the equatorial forest of Congo.